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October book pick: Exit West

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In October, Indulgence will read Exit West by Mohsin Hamid. The novel imagines a country torn apart by Civil War and two lovers who find a surprising way of escape: by walking through a door that takes them to far away places. Read with us. Share your thoughts on this novel and other stories about fleeing, violence, and new futures with us! Submit your pitches …

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September Book Pic: Women’s Life Writing

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By Angelina Eimannsberger and Ian Kennedy, Indulgence Editors We’re excited to share that in September, Indulgence will be all about women’s life writing. We turn to narratives that women tell about their lives because by reading about the private, the specific, and the personal, we can assert the humanness of those sidelined in the current political situation: women, black women, …

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Why “Indulgence”?

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By Indulgence Editors Dear Reader, As we are rebooting our magazine Indulgence, we decided to share a few thoughts with you on where our name comes from. We called our magazine Indulgence not to embrace mindless greed, gluttony, or sloth, but instead to insist on a sense of being whole, doing what we want to do, and indulging our own …

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NEW SERIES: American Women and Their Novels

In Feminism, Monthly Book Picks, Submissions/Outreach, Women and Novels by indulgence_old

By Angelina Eimannsberger We are excited to announce our new series, “American Women and Their Novels,” in which we look at what women are reading in contemporary America, starting with INDULGENCE’s April pick, The Mothers by Brit Bennet. The books in this series are curated to speak to a variety of experience of different women. We aim to create a canon of …

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Moving Through Kashmir

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by Matt Dischner The air was dense with human acridity, a humidity reinforced by an excess of scarves, puffer jackets, and exhalation. Leaving 77th the lights gasped and died, the train lit only by stars fixed to the subway walls punctuated by the jolting irregularities in the track and the wails of Robert Plant wafting from a young man’s headphones.

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“Make Your Own Freedom” and “Do You Have a Secret?

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by Indulgence Editors February saw our first Jour Fixe (thank you to all who made it out!) and a surprise early Spring here in New York. There are crocuses out in the park already. We’ll send out the next invite soon! We have exciting new books and themes come up. In March, we turn to Joseph Massad’s Islam in Liberalism (University …

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Materials of Indulgence

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by Angelina Eimannsberger, with Ian Kennedy We called this magazine Indulgence because we enjoy enjoying–carbs, texts, thoughts, tv, and many other things. One of our special favorites is indulging in femininity. Makeup, clothes, girl friendship, and pink are often considered trivial, domestic, and superficial things. To us, lived experience is the real deal and we can’t stop thinking about it. In that …

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What now? Post Election To-Do List

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by Emily Bolecek The past few weeks have been devastating for our country. Not only is a Trump presidency shocking and terrifying, but the president-elect has continued to prove he is a threat by surrounding himself with a team that is increasingly alarming. Perhaps the most important thing to remember about this election is that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. …