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I feel you.

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by Mindy Silverado At the end of the calendar year, we look back. At books we read, humans we met, news we heard. We feel with foreboding that Trump’s America will become a full-fledged administrative reality soon. After another shock to the consciousness of Americans, the attacks of 9/11, Judith Butler published a few essays collected in Precarious Life (2004). Focusing on grief helps …

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This Moment of Truth

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by Ian Kennedy There’s been a lot of talk recently about how our current political debate is one where the facts don’t matter. Here’s the Economist laying out the facts about the factless in September. In early December, the Washington Post wrote that this current situation without facts is “scarier than you think” because it is a world where how many people believe …

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Riots and Recipes

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By Jane de Beauvoir Thanksgiving unites people in their shared American-ness. It does not depend on citizenship, religion, or race and ethnicity. However, as much as it seems to live up to its unifying myth, Thanksgiving also signifies the original erasure of lives. The pilgrims did not meet the indigenous peoples as their equals. They did not view them as …