Kyoto, Rome, Cusco

In Current by

by Ian Kennedy

I want to see what a city like that was like at its height
When it mattered, not as cultural heritage
but as a center of political power
When it was where the money is

I am lucky, then, to live in New York
to transfer to the L train
to see this mighty urban landscape
and the people who rule it

I gain so much over a future tourist

Coming down from her sky tower to see
some ancient ruins—having prepared
by reading the premier work on Early
21st century culture and society

She looks into the now exposed
transfer tunnel which linked
the L and the 2-3 trains
and tries to imagine herself back in our present
to stand with me in the rush hour press

Maybe then she would understand why some of us
hated others
or why mens’ fashion included those
strange angularly collared shirts